Retro VHS Camcorder App Now Available From The Play Store

When it comes to smartphones nowadays, there are multiple factors which determine whether a device is 'good' or not. Aspects like the RAM, the processor and the cameras, all play as much of a role in a device's success as their general design. Of course, the screen and its resolution is a big concern for many as well. While there is a debate about how much a higher resolution really matters on smartphones with the naked eye, it is still a numbers game. High equals good and lower equals not as good.

Of course back in the day, the day being the 80's, people did not have to worry about smartphones let alone RAM, processors or even Quad HD displays on such devices. Instead, what many were more concerned about was their VHS Collection and with good reason. Having a couple of thousand videos on hand was the way in which many consumed media, vastly different to how it is consumed now. Heading down to the video shop, renting out a video, having to rewind it before bringing it back are all staples of the VHS days of gone. Of course, then there was the whole DIY camcorder scene as well, with many documenting their various family antics by using a camcorder and recording to VHS.

Well, fast forward to 2016 and 'VHS Camcorder' has now made its way to the Google Play Store. The name alone explains the app, but to briefly touch on it - this is an app which will let you record all your smartphone cameras antics in a retro 80's VHS look and feel. The app will even let you time-stamp the video to really give it that VHS effect and you can also manipulate the time to make it seem like this is a real video from way back when. In fact, the developers have taken this a little to the extreme so there are settings in play which will really give you the full experience and will be detrimental to the quality of your video. A prime example is the "Tilting Device Makes Things Worse" feature which when activated will "mess up the picture" if you are moving while recording. Not to mention, the general UI on offer also looks to make sure it adopts more of a VHS camcorder feel, so you can really get the fuller experience. Luckily, the settings menu seems to be one which is far more modern. Those interested in giving the app a go and retro-ing their next video can do so by heading through the link below. It is worth noting though, this is not a free app and will cost you $2.99. Other than that, head through the link.

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