AH Weekly Poll: Should Tech Companies Help With Decryption When Asked?


For those following the tech news, one particularly story has really caught the attention of the media this week, an Apple story. While it is a story that started with Apple, the ramifications of the topic are more wide reaching and certainly ones which could impact Android smartphone owners and the larger smartphone industry in general. If you missed the earlier news, at the start of the week Apple was ordered by a federal court to assist the FBI in gaining access to a specific iPhone. A request they have since refused to help with citing that this could set a dangerous precedent. However, this refusal to help by Apple resulted in the start of a vigorous debate on social media and focusing on the topics of encryption, privacy, security and everything in-between. In fact, a number of tech companies like Facebook and Twitter have since came out in support of Apple and their refusal to help and in spite of their differences, even Google was reported coming out with their view on the debate and added further support to Apple.

Therefore, from the tech companies perspective, it seems they are relatively united in the view that consumer privacy is what matters the most in this debate. So now it is time to turn the question over to you and see where you stand on the whole encryption/decryption debate. After all, it is all of us who are the consumers and it is access to data on smartphones that we all will be buying that is at the heart of this discussion. So do you think tech companies should help break encryption on smartphones when requested by the authorities? Does security come before privacy in cases like this? Should tech companies help with decryption when asked?


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