Plag App Lets You Spread Information In A Different Way

Different people use different apps on their smartphones, but I'm sure that the vast majority of you use your phone to read news / collect information in some way. Now, after you collect information, you probably opt to share some of that info, presuming it is interesting. Luckily, there are tons of way to do this, from RSS readers and news apps / sites, all the way to various social media services. Well, we've stumbled upon a rather interesting app recently, which claims to be quite different than what we're used to, let's see what's it all about, shall we.

Now, the app we're here to talk about is called 'Plag - Information Network'. So, what is Plag? Well, this app functions on the premise that the 'information' got lost somewhere along the way, that governments and powerful media conglomerates control what we see, and what we don't. The app actually explains its purpose in a lengthy text which you'll be faced with before you start using this app. Plag basically says that social media networks failed as well, which is interesting. Sounds interesting? Well, it is. Plag basically lets you read and write stories, posts, whatever you want, and doesn't function on any sort of a 'like' system. The app also doesn't all you to take full control of the news that you shared, but lets other Plag users do it. If a user finds something you wrote really interesting, he or she will pass it along, same goes for users who see it after that. The developer actually claims this service functions as a virus in a way, and the app's logo kind of suggests that as well. The more people find your story interesting, the more attention it will get.

The app functions in a rather simple way, once you finally get into the app itself, you'll be presented with various posts which you can either pass along by swiping up, or skip, by swiping down. Now, keep in mind that the info shared on Plag goes to the users closest to you first, like a virus, and then spreads to other people, etc. So, this app basically does offer something relatively new, and is somewhat different from what we're used to, but is it useful enough? Well, that's up to you to decide, but the premise is certainly interesting, and the app might be worth trying out.

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