Phoenix Suns Offering Free Data Through Verizon’s FreeBee Perks

February 24, 2016 - Written By John Anon

Not too long ago, Verizon announced a new service entitled FreeBee Data. The name being a clever play on words as the service is primarily designed to help consumers get free data, or at least subsidized (sometimes wholly) data, with the cost being offset by a company who picks up the bill. In short, a form of ‘sponsored data’. This in itself is a concept which has raised a number of questions and concerns for advocates of Net Neutrality, although, neither the questions or concerns have stopped Verizon form continuing with the service. In fact, the latest is that they now have a new FreeBee corporate client.

NBA’s Phoenix Suns are the company in question and according to a report emerging today, they have now taken part in Verizon’s FreeBee program through ‘FreeBee Perks’. In terms of what they are offering, Suns fans can net themselves substantial amounts of free data for purchasing game tickets. Again, according to the details, any fan who purchases a ticket to a game will be entitled to the free data. However, how much free data will be largely dependent on how many games you buy tickets for and where those seats are located. For instance, tickets for seats purchased at the home arena and are positioned in the upper bowl will only net you 0.5GB, while lower bowl seating will come with 1GB free data. This is of course amplified depending on how many games you attend. So a lower bowl seat at three games will net you a cool 3GB data.

The details go on to confirm that the data is added to your allowance for that particular month and will roll over if you have leftover data at the turn of the month. It is even being said that those who receive the free data can gift the data to someone else if they want. However, as you might expect, there are a couple of caveats. The first is that the top limit of free data which can be obtained per fan is 11GB. The second, is that you will obviously have to be a Verizon customer.