Perch App Turns Your Computer Into A Security Camera & More

Home security equipment has become quite popular in the last couple of years, and it's becoming even more popular as the time goes by considering that we're getting more and more options which make it easier to use such an equipment. Smart security cameras have become quite affordable, and it's easy to connect them to our smart devices, and there are even options which don't require any additional smart cams out there. Perch - Simple Home Monitoring is one of such options, read on.

The 'Perch - Simple Home Monitoring' app is currently in beta, and it is available in the Google Play Store. Now, this application isn't an addition to a security cam you can purchase from the same company, but a standalone app which gives you plenty of options to utilize the tech you already have around the house. This app can turn your phone, computer, tablet or laptop into a home security tool, all the device needs is a camera, of course. You can record what's going on while you're not home, and can set up motion alerts when the camera detects some movements around the house. That's not all though, you can connect this app with other smart gadgets around the house, and control lights for example, or you can simply use this app to chat with the people that are currently home, like your kids for example.

The design of this app is minimalistic, and you'll notice Material Design elements all over the app. All in all, this application is quite versatile and will save you quite a bit of cash if you don't mind using the tech at home instead of security cameras and what not. Keep in mind that the app is in beta at the moment, as I've mentioned in the first paragraph, so you can expect some quirks here and there, but it seems like it functions just fine for the most part. If you'd like to check out some official images posted by the developer, check out the gallery down below. Below this article, you'll find not only the Google Play banner which will take you directly to the listing of this app on the Google Play Store, but also the promo video which will explain to you how this app functions basically. 'Perch - Simply Home Monitoring' is free to use by the way, just in case you were wondering.

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