Pagar© Looks To Add NFC Payments To Pebble Time

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The Pebble Time is a smartwatch which is gaining considerable attention of late thanks to its increasing level of functionality and appeal. Not to mention, the smart devices on offer from Pebble are ones which are seeing a good deal of support with their latest update arriving only last week. In fact, this increased level of functionality is not just one which has come from Pebble as a number of companies are also looking to get in on the action by bringing accessories for devices like the Pebble Time. Accessories which look to improve the overall experience. A prime example of this came last month when TYLT took to Kickstarter to launch a campaign for their Pebble Time focused TYLT Vœ Pulse. An accessory which when attached will offer the Pebble Time Qi wireless charging and additional fitness tracking features.

Well, following in the footsteps of the TYLT Vœ Pulse, another campaign has now launched on Kickstarter and once again, this is a campaign which is designed to offer additional features to the Pebble Time. In particular, mobile payments. The new campaign is coming from FitPay and is currently being dubbed Pagar©. The logic behind the technology is that a strap which can be used with the Pebble Time (as well as other Pebble devices) will be the driving force in offering mobile payment by making use of a built-in NFC antenna. This will essentially allow Pebble Time owners the ability to make payments on the go and from their smartwatch. According to the details, the strap will not differ too much in appearance to the normal Pebble Time straps, besides the employment of the NFC antenna and a USB port which will be used to charge the Pagar©, as well as the actual Pebble Time. Card details will be stored locally on the Pagar© Pebble Time app and once connected, wearers will simply be able to press their Pebble Time against an NFC reader to make a payment with watch controls used for the choosing of a payment card.


Of course, as with anything source-funded, Pagar© is current in the early stages and is not guaranteed to make it to the market in a finished product. That said, the campaign is now live and will run through until March. While FitPay expect to begin shipping the first units to backers sometime in July of this year. Those interested in finding out out more, can do so by heading through the source link below and over to the Kickstarter listing.

Pagar© pebble time