Opera Max Updated With Faster & More Secure Wi-Fi Connections

Opera Max AH 1

Opera used to be better well-known for their browser offering. However, the company has been branching away from just a browser company and instead have looked to offer consumers additional ways to benefit from a greater user-oriented internet experience. Opera Max – Data Savings being a prime example. One of the main features of Opera Max is to offer consumers a route to consuming less data. The app does this by looking to reduce the amount of data a mobile device uses and especially with more data-demanding aspects like music and video streaming services. A reduction which is likely to be extremely beneficial to those who are on data-sensitive plans. However, this is an app which is also designed for an all-round improved browsing experience and as such, also looks to offer a faster and lighter Wi-Fi connection by compressing data.

In particular, it is this last feature which is now in the process of being updated. Opera has today announced an update rolling out to the Opera Max – Data Savings app which brings with it the latest version of their Opera Turbo technology. An aspect which acts as a way to compress and speed up the performance of image-rich sites when visited. One of the big benefits of this latest update is that their VPN data connections will be switched from HTTP 1.1. to an SSL encrypted SPDY tunnel. This will mean that the connection between your smartphone and Opera Max, while connected to public Wi-Fi spots (as well any private ones), will be better protected against any lurking dangers.


As well as the general improvements to security on offer with the latest update, another benefit of the SPDY implementation is that apps are expected to see an improvement in their general speed and performance. As SPDY works off of HTTP 2.0 principles, which was designed to offer faster and more reliable data connections on mobile, the use of SPDY with Opera Max looks to ensure that the same level of data saving and speed is applied to app usage in the same way. If you already have the app installed, then you should see the update arriving soon enough. If you have yet to give Opera Max -Data Savings a try, then you can download the latest version from the Play Store through the link below.