OKDOTHIS Challenges Android Photographers Daily

February 12, 2016 - Written By Tom Dawson

These days there are all sorts of apps out there to take a photo and turn into something else and Instagram has turned us into a community of people willing to seemingly take a photo of absolutely anything. For a lot of people however, sharing photos on Instagram can become pretty repetitive. For instance someone into their food will keep on taking photos of those gourmet dishes and those who travel a lot will presumably keep taking shots of wherever they happen to be at the moment. As such it’s become common for certain Instagram accounts to become known for one sort of thing or two, and OKDOTHIS is an app that wants to change that.

Each day, OKDOTHIS challenges their members to take a specific photo, by giving budding photographers a brief of sorts in the form of a “DO”. These DOs come from a range of different subjects including art & design, sports, work, life highlights and more. They often come worded in a way which should make users think about what they’re going to take a little more than they would with say Instagram or Twitter perhaps. For instance, when taking a quick look at this relatively new app, I was given today’s DO of “SHOE THIS” and asked to take a picture of my shoes, some people took this a little more literally than others, but there were some users that got a little creative with the brief and added something extra. The app has few installs right now, so the community is pretty niche right now, but over time it should keep on growing nicely. Users can sign in with their Facebook or Twitter accounts, and there are some suggested users to follow as well.

OKDOTHIS is a nice break from the normal sort of photo-sharing apps out there, and instead of pushing how many filters the app has or how good an editor it has, this is an app that wants to put the fun back into actually going out there and creating a photograph. Completely free to download, users can hit the button below to install it from the Play Store.