Nokia Teases "Biggest Thing Ever" for Mobile World Congress


Nokia has had a rough go of it these past few years, having gone in with Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system and after finding that didn't work, selling their handset business to the  very same software giant. Still, Nokia was always known for much more than just their handsets and hardware, and have oodles of patents to make money off of, as the recent deal with Samsung has shown. Now, the main business for the Finnish brand appears to be their network technology and equipment business. Recently closing the deal on acquiring 91% of rival Alcatel-Lucent, the network equipment market looks all but Nokia and Huawei's at this point. With Mobile World Congress just around the corner, it's nice to see an old name like Nokia teasing a big announcement.

The YouTube video, posted by the company's uniteChannel, has a short video of lots of people looking around, gazing at nature and architecture. This would presumably have a lot to do with the Finnish firm's foray into virtual reality with their Ozo recording technology, but the description of the video paints a contrasting story. With the tagline of "Have you ever wondered how mobile networks will change?" it sounds more like Nokia will have something network-related to show off. Following on from ARM's Cortex-R8 announcement earlier this week, Nokia could be joining the growing list of names announcing plans for 5G networks and technologies. If anyone has something concrete to announce regarding 5G at a place like Mobile World Congress, it'd be Nokia, so we wouldn't be too surprised if this is what they have in store for us.


There have been rumors of more Android-powered devices, similar to the Nokia N1 tablet, which was one of the first devices to launch with a USB Type-C connector. The announcement is teased for February 21st, this Sunday, the same day that LG and Samsung will be announcing the G5 and Galaxy S7. Also, Huawei and ZTE have events planned for this Sunday as well, so it looks like Mobile World Congress is to get underway before the show has even officially opened its doors on Monday the 22nd.

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