Nike's SNKRS App Makes Purchasing Fresh Kicks Super Quick


Where brand power is concerned, there are few out there that can compete with the goliath that is Nike. For decades now, Nike has been making footwear fashionable and over the past decade or so people have become fanatical about sneakers like few other everyday items. Nike knows this only too well of course, why else would the Air branding be going strong even today, and why else would there so many different sets out there to choose from? On top of that, sneaker fans can customize their own pairs before they purchase them, making the choice even harder. Now, Nike have a fresh new app to make that choice quicker and presumably less gruelling, as you can now do it from your Android phone.

Named after what could have been a Motorola phone from the early 2000's, Nike's SNKRS app is predictably all about fancy-looking shoes with fancy-looking price tags to match. The whole idea of the app is simple; to make choosing and purchasing a pair as quick and easy as possible. The Play Store descriptions promises checkout times of "seconds" and naturally, you can store your details for the next time you have more money than sense to buy yet another pair of sneakers. All joking aside though, this has become a big hobby for a lot of people, and it's nice to see an app directly from Nike, even more so one that can offer users "the inspiration, benefits and heritage of featured sneakers with exclusive content, straight from the source."

Nike isn't stupid however, and they're not doing this just to be nice. The sports brand famously charges more for their wares than the majority of resellers and consumers have become pretty trigger-happy when it comes to shopping online from their phones. Black Friday horror stories have dramatically increased over the last couple of years thanks to this very trend and we're presuming that Nike is looking to save people a lot of time and make a little more money in the process. It appears as though the app is for US users only (I couldn't install it in the UK, for instance) but it's available to download for free from the Play Store right now.


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