New X-Files Miniseries Features Nexus 5 and Nexus 6


The X-Files, for those old enough to remember, was the definitive Sci-Fi fix for an entire generation of kids growing up in the 90s. Fox Mulder, played by Mr. David Duchovny and Dana Scully, played by Ms. Gillian Anderson, became household names about two decades back, as the two fictional FBI agents investigated their way through unexplained and unsolved mysteries concerning alleged paranormal phenomenon. The show went off-air back in 2002, after a successful nine-year run, but after a fourteen year hiatus, the cult hit-turned pop culture phenomenon is returning to the small screen on Monday nights, with a six-episode initial run that premiered last week, with most of the major players reprising their roles, including of course, the two aforementioned central characters.

With the passage of time, Mulder and Scully now have, at their disposal, new technology that they wouldn't have had over a decade and a half ago. That, of course, includes smartphones, and by the looks of it, the two lead characters have chosen Nexus handsets as their preferred mode of communication. While some reports claim that the choice of gadgets is part of a promotional deal the producers of the show have signed with Google, other point at the curious choice of devices to claim otherwise. According to keen observers, Mulder seems to be using the Nexus 5 handset from 2013, while Scully's handset of choice seems to be the Nexus 6, which, of course, was the 2014 flagship for Google.


Those arguing that Google wouldn't have had anything to do with the show, point towards the two handsets in question. According to them, had Google been paying the producers for 'product placement', the two central characters would have been using the latest Nexus handsets from the company – the LG-made Nexus 5X and the Huawei-built Nexus 6P. Also, the user interface doesn't resemble the familiar stock Android UI, apart from the onscreen navigation buttons from the KitKat days. Fans are also pointing out that Mulder's phone is actually partially hidden inside a case, which certainly would not have been the case had Google been paying for product placement. Either way, the truth is out there, and it looks like agents Mulder and Scully indeed believe in Android.

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