New Concept Render Of The One M10 Based On Current Information

HTC One M10 Based On Current Information

It had been expected the new flagship smartphone from HTC might be announced during MWC 2016, just like its predecessor. However, it now seems that the company is more likely to make the official announcement of the One M10 a little later on. There haven’t been as many rumors or leaks about this phone compared to other flagship devices that are due to be unveiled soon, but there was recently a live photo of what might be the first look at the front of the device. The design of the One M10 will supposedly follow the design guidelines of the One A9, and this can certainly be appreciated in the leaked image. Yet, there are some people who think that the photo doesn’t do justice to the final design of the phone, so a user from XDA has now created a render of what the One M10 might end up looking like. A render which is said to be based on the information that is available until now.

One of the features that made the One M lineup stand out was the front-facing stereo speakers in the front, which were often considered to provide a very good sound experience. Sadly, these speakers can’t be seen in the leaked photo so they are not illustrated in the render either. It’s clear that HTC wants to make the front of the device look very clean, so there’s no visible logo either, only the earpiece and front-facing camera can be seen at the top and the home button with its new more rounded shape, which is supposed to house a fingerprint scanner, can be seen at the bottom. The creator of the render stated that “this mockup does not show the hidden thing on the front”, suggesting that the front could have another feature that can’t be appreciated in pictures.


Apparently, the screen to body ratio will be improved, as the phone will sport a bigger 5.2-inch screen but the phone will have similar measurements to the ones of its predecessor. Regarding the camera, he says that it will feature “heavy loaded camera hardware”, and in the render it can be seen a double-toned LED flash and the laser autofocus system that has been previously rumored. The phone is said to feature a curved back, so it seems to combine design elements from past One M phones with the clean and simplistic design of the One A9.