Multi-account Support Returns to Instagram Android Beta


Instagram has had an interesting history where smartphones are concerned. It wasn't always available on Android, and since then it's evolved and become something of a staple for Android users. Now, the app is part of Facebook, along with WhatsApp, and yet the service is still very much its own beast. Famous for not allowing links inside of shares, Instagram has been considered a way for users to express themselves without ads or needing to take anything outside of the network. Ads are slowing being worked into the network however, but the service is still very much a safe place for users and brands (not unlike ourselves) to share something without needing an accompanying link.

For a lot of people, they might have more than one account, maybe a personal account and a brand page, or a profile dedicated to collecting certain types of images. Either way, managing these separate accounts via the Instagram app has never been easy. We covered the news of multi-account management appearing in the Beta version of the app some time ago, but it mysteriously vanished. It's making a return in the latest version of the Beta Android app though, much to the pleasure of many. If you're already part of Instagram's Beta program, you'll just need to update the app like any other on your smartphone. If you're not part of the Instagram beta already, you can learn how to join it from the Instagram help page here. The only caveat for those that have multiple email addresses and such is that they have to use the same Google account they use with the Play Store already.


Instagram has become one of the most popular apps on Android today and has been downloaded close to a Billion times already. Despite the fact that Facebook own Instagram, the two services have remained very separate up until now, and whether or not this remains the case for much longer is unclear, but it is nice to see the Instagram app get this feature back again, and hopefully this means that it'll be heading to the main version real soon.

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