Motorola's Droid Turbo 2 Shows Up At The Grammys


The Droid Turbo 2 from Motorola is the follow-up to the Droid Turbo from the Lenovo-owned American tech company. The premium smartphone was launched late last year as a Verizon-exclusive in the US, but Motorola has since started launching the handset worldwide, although under a different name – the Moto X Force. With all the complaints from tech enthusiasts regarding stagnating innovation in the smartphone industry, the Droid Turbo 2 truly stands out as a beacon of innovation and ingenuity, as the device actually sports an extremely sturdy display panel that's being marketed by Motorola as the 'ShatterShield Display'. Numerous tests done by reputable media outlets like CNN and CNet (among others) have shown time and again that the shatter-proof display does indeed work like a charm and is not just a marketing gimmick from Lenovo/Motorola.

While the phone's screen has been proven beyond doubt to have terrific resistance to breakage, it is now the turn of Motorola to get that message across to as many potential customers as possible. That being the case, what could possibly be a better platform for Motorola to promote the shatter-proof properties of its latest premium handset than the biggest night for the music industry in the country – the Grammys. The 58th Annual Grammy Awards was held on Monday night at the Staples Center in Los Angeles and while Taylor Swift's acceptance speech and Kendrick Lamar's groundbreaking performance were the talk of the town, sections of the tech media noticed a clever little product placement from Motorola for the Droid Turbo 2 during the pre-show that was broadcast live from the red-carpet.


Radio personality, Mr. Ted Stryker was one of the lead presenters for CBS during the event, and Motorola apparently made sure that he dropped the phone from his hand live on air to show how robust the phone actually is. Right on cue, Mr. Stryker dropped the Droid turbo 2 on the ground during the pre-show, and as expected, the screen remained intact without any cracks or anything. He then actually went on to extoll the virtues of having a ShatterShield Display before taking selfies etc. with the device, just to reiterate his point about the screen being shatter-proof. Only time will tell if the product placement was a clever one or not, but Motorola certainly got its message across to a whole lot of its target audience with its stunt.

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