Morgan Freeman's Voice Will Now Guide You on Waze

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When consumer level GPS units started making their first appearance in cars well over a decade or so ago, one of the most fun features of these units was the ability to change out the voice.  Some shipped with male and female voices, some allowed you to change the accent to fit your native dialect and sound, while others actually partnered with movie studios and other popular media to bring your favorite character’s voices to your every day navigating experience.  Ever since smartphones took the help as our dedicated GPS partners, however, this feature seems to have taken a back seat to the default voice that your digital assistant, such as Google Now, uses.

Waze is one of the more popular GPS apps out there and today they’re letting US-based customers only, download a brand new voice that’s set to guide them on an audible journey like no other.  The voice of Morgan Freeman, who plays Vice President Trumbull in the upcoming movie London Has Fallen, will work its magic to soothe your morning drive and read the streets and traffic alerts out to you in typical Waze fashion.  UK readers might be wondering why in the world a movie that takes place in London would have promotional material only available to the US, but as an Alphabet-owned company it’s pretty common to see this sort of thing only be available in the US or now at least.


While Google Maps has long integrated Waze data ever since Google purchased the company some years ago, the Waze app still works very differently than Google Maps and delivers data differently than Google’s own in-house solution.  As such many users have stood by Waze as their favorite GPS app, in many ways because it features crowd-sourced data to alert you about traffic congestion, crashes, police activity and even delivers you along the fastest route automatically based on these factors.  Having a voice as soothing and calming as Morgan Freeman’s is great and adds to the list of voices already supported by Waze, making this one of the most feature rich GPS apps out there.  Better yet it’s free, so hit up the Google Play Store and check it out if you don’t already have it!