Microsoft's Next Lock Screen Adds Fingerprint Support

Microsoft next lock screen

When it comes to good Android development studios, the first names that come to mind are likely Google, Noodlecake, Mediocre and hundreds more, but Microsoft may not be one anywhere on that list for most folks.  That’s because Google’s ecosystem has long been devoid of Microsoft developed apps thanks to their focus on Windows Phone and all the apps that need to power that OS.  With the slow demise of Windows Phone, however, Microsoft has begun looking elsewhere and has continued to expand outside its own Windows platform, developing heavily for Android in particular.  This includes not only developing tons of really interesting and unique apps, but also partnering with huge names in the industry like Samsung and Cyanogen, Inc.

Microsoft’s garage studio in particular though, has been dropping new apps left and right, and while Next Lockscreen isn’t a new app by any means it has received a significant update to its functionality today.  This brand new functionality brings fingerprint unlock support with it for devices that have such a hardware mechanism, meaning if you’re a user of Next Lockscreen or were considering trying in out and not a fan of having to constantly type PIN codes or swipe in patterns, you’re in luck.  You’ll have to disable the system lockscreen in order to make this work, meaning you’ll also have to redo all your stored fingerprints, but once that’s done, the joys of Microsoft’s highly rated and well-designed lockscreen are all yours.


In addition to this massive update you’ll have access to all the cool, and in some cases brand new features of Next Lockscreen.  This includes things like smart contacts, which learns from your device usage who your most reached contacts are and prominently displays them for quick access.  There are also plenty of location-based features too, like setting removing the passcode for home and work but keeping it everywhere else you go for extra security, and of course, those handy location-based wallpapers are back to define your mood for home, work or wherever you are.  Next Lockscreen is totally free but will ask for access to your device in order to properly and securely lock it, so be sure to follow those security prompts when asked and enjoy Microsoft’s latest garage project.