Microsoft Hub Keyboard Changes How You Copy and Paste

Microsoft Hub Keyboard

Mobile World Congress 2016 has given us plenty of awesome new devices, announcements and gadgets to get excited over.  But what about the apps scene?  While plenty of developers might take their apps to the show floor directly, these apps are often times promises of products to be or apps that you might not use every day.  During the show Microsoft has seen fit to announced and update several key apps from its garage development division, a segment of Microsoft that’s been dropping apps left and right like crazy over the past few months.  These apps are all unique in that they build upon ideas on the market and offer plenty of new and unique ideas as well.

Today’s hot new idea comes in the form of a keyboard app from Microsoft simply called Hub Keyboard, and the name of the keyboard says it all.  Since you’ve likely got the keyboard open in any number of apps while using your phone why not use it as the central meeting point for transferring useful data between apps?  That’s more or less the idea behind Hub Keyboard, which features integrated connection with your Office 365 account as well as access to your clipboard, contacts and more.  This allows you to quickly paste information that you’ve copied to the clipboard on your phone, no matter if it was the last copy action or one earlier in the day.


Connection to Office 365 means you can quickly and effortlessly share URLs of Office 365 documents and SharePoint items without ever having to leave the app you’re trying to share to.  There’s even a quick translate function to translate from your native language to another right on the keyboard itself, again eliminating the need to move between apps and copy/paste.  Access to all these features is found on the top bar of the keyboard where you would normally find the auto correct words, and you can switch between auto correct words and the quick access buttons by pressing the grid button on the left.  Microsoft has been very responsive to feedback and quickly getting development turned in a different direction, and we’ve also been seeing more and more of Microsoft’s apps make it on phones out of the box too, showing just how smart of a move Android development has been for the company.  Check this one out on the Google Play Store.