Master & Dynamic Introduce Palladium ME05 Earphones


Master & Dynamic is a US-based company that's been creating high-end, luxury headphones and earphones for a couple of years now, and they've gotten 2016 off to a good start. With the new, fully-wireless MW60 and the more affordable ME05 in-ear headphones. We reviewed both of them and found that despite their high price tags they still offered great sound. Of course, the main part of the equation is how these devices look and the overall presentation of the headphones themselves, and this is where their new Palladium ME05 in-ear headphones come in.

The same model as the ME05 that we reviewed in Brass, the Palladium version have been designed to "incorporate ergonomic elements and and elegant details" and just like the original, the Palladium ME05 are machined from solid brass and then coated in Palladium, itself a precious metal. They sound exactly the same as the original ME05s that we reviewed some time ago, but these are perhaps less feminine in their appearance, something we noted about the original ME05 colorway. Despite their $200 price tag, there is a lot of value on offer here, including two replaceable filters to renew your earphones should they get dirty over time, a polishing cloth as well as a carrying case and a hard-leather box to keep them neat and tidy on a desk or night stand.


With a warm, rich and detailed sound signature, these are a pair of earphones that should appeal to the majority of modern listeners out there without coloring the sound too much. It is hard to avoid that high price tag of $200, but as most other Master & Dynamic products these are designed to last for decades, and with replaceable filters and earbuds, these might be one of the few earphones to do just that. For more on the ME05s, you can read our review here, and take a closer look at the Palladium finish in the gallery below. This will be available soon directly from Master & Dynamic and Amazon shortly thereafter.

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