Margaritaville Mobile Game Launching This Summer

By Nick Sutrich February 21, 2016, 5:00pm
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There are very few people who wouldn't know who Jimmy Buffet is if you asked them.  While a few might confuse him with billionaire Warren Buffett, the two certainly both have their fair share of money to throw around at pet projects.  One such project of Jimmy Buffet's is Margaritaville, the hit 1970's song that's become lodged in the brains of millions as summer heats up and drinks start to fly at local beaches.  While this song started off as a catchy tune espousing an easier, more relaxing lifestyle, it's since become an empire of wealth for the singer and a way for Buffet to spread joy and happiness with his own unique brand.

Taking that brand beyond the shops, restaurants and various products, Margaritaville will soon be moving to a mobile device near you, and hopefully the one in your pockets if developer FunPlus has anything to say about it.  The developer behind its most popular mobile casual game Family Farm, which recently surpassed the 50 million downloads mark, has plenty of know-how to develop a game that's catered toward mobile audiences who just want to sit back, relax and enjoy a few minutes of easy gaming to get their minds off the stresses of life.  While FunPlus and Margaritaville Enterprises were a bit hush on details of the upcoming Margaritaville mobile game, they did say it's scheduled to be released around Comic-Con this year, which takes place in July.

Going on developer FunPlus' previous works as well as the image provided for the game it seems fairly obvious that you'll be doing something on a tropical island paradise.  Whether or not this is a building and maintaining sim like Family Farm or more of a collectathon type game is entirely up to your imagination, but at this point that's all we've got to go on.  Likely we'll be seeing plenty of teasers and trailers making waves on social media including the official Margaritaville streaming video site and audio commercials on its 24-hour music service on Sirius XM.  This is a planned and targeted expansion of the Margaritaville franchise, and as such we expect to see good casual gaming from the enterprise for those who enjoy such things.

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February 21, 2016, 5:00pm
Source: Variety Via: Talk Android
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