LinkedIn Reports Over 400 Million Members


Where social media networks are concerned there will always be Facebook at the top of the pile, with Twitter trying their best to reorganize themselves after not having a clue of where to head next. Then there are the Instagrams and YouTubes of the world that focus on sharing content, and then there's Google+, which not even Google seems to know what to do with, sadly. Seemingly lurking in the shadows is the professional LinkedIn network, designed as a way for people to connect with others in their field and for a lot of their members to either find new business or to find a job in the first place. What was once called "Facebook for grown-ups" has become a big deal for 414 Million people all over the world, and more people are logging on with their smartphone.

The company recently posted their quarterly-results for Q4 2015 and with it they explained that the network as a whole grew by 19% to 414 Million users. Gaining more members is one thing, but as we know the real test is having people actually use the service, and the network now has an average of 100 Million unique visitors every month, itself an increase of 7%. One of the biggest improvements however, was of 26% where member page views were concerned. The firm is clearly enjoying some success here, but the real good news was that users were able to find a job with LinkedIn more easily for the first time. The network said that "job engagement" was increased by as much as 80%, with over 6 Million job listings available on the network.


Throughout 2014 and 2015 the firm focused on offering certain "Features" that spun off from the main website and app, such as Project Voyager the redesign project of said mobile app. Launches like the LinkedIn Job Search app and a dedicated contacts app have helped people see the value in sticking with the service, and it appears that more people are turning to the professional network. Now, the firm reports that around 57% of their users are on mobile, which might not seem a great figure to report, but considering the desktop-orientated nature of the network, these are decent figures and they show that their mobile strategy must be doing something right.

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