LG V10 Gets Destroyed by Tank in Extreme Drop Test


When LG released last year's G4, soon to be succeeded by the LG G5, they introduced a more elegant-looking phone, offering leather backs and a more refined look and feel compared to the G3 and G2. The end result was a device with one of the best cameras on a smartphone from 2015, and a pretty good-looking device overall. They went one further with the LG V10 however, and they introduced something that had even more camera features for budding filmmakers and photographers, but they also made a more rugged device. The LG V10 had a textured back over for added grip and metal sides to brace the device from drops and knocks.

The V10 was launched with Military Standards for ruggedness, apparently meeting the MIL-STD-810G standard for Transit Drops, making the V10 certified for some sort of military use. Naturally, this means someone has finally taken the V10 to a military base to test out its Military credentials. From the Digiato channel on YouTube comes the most extreme drop test LG's V10 has faced. The Dura Skin back panel appears to handle the rough treatment fairly well, but the camera lens and plastic frame top and bottom didn't hold up overall. In fact, the V10 was on its last legs before the Tank (which weighs in at over 35 tons) got even close to the poor smartphone. Unsurprisingly, the Tank made short work of the LG V10, and there's no repair bill, no matter how big, that would be able to bring this poor phone back from the dead.


These sort of drop test videos aren't all that helpful for those considering purchasing the phone in question, as one test on one phone doesn't prove the overall strength of every unit made, but they are good fun. In this latest drop test on the V10, seeing a Tank destroy a smartphone is a little upsetting, but we suppose it just goes to show us that no matter how rugged a device claims to be, you should always keep it away from Military Tanks.


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