LG Release Super Bowl Commercial Starring Liam Neeson

LG Super Bowl Commercial

The Super Bowl 50 is happening in less than a week and while football fans are getting ready to watch the event or planning a party to watch the Carolina Panthers go against the Denver Broncos, companies are getting ready to show their TV commercials to show some of their new products or services. These commercials cost around $5,000,000 for a 30-second segment, so companies are surely making their best effort to captivate the audience so the ads are worth that price. The Super Bowl commercials usually rely on celebrity cameos, unpredictability, humor, special effects and high production values. Some companies are already creating some buzz around their commercials, and since LG has prepared their first Super Bowl commercial, they have also released a few teasers to let us know what to expect from them during the Big Game and now it can be seen by everyone.

LG’s commercial advertises the company’s G6 4K OLED TV, which was introduced at this year’s CES, it features actor Liam Neeson next to his son, Micheal Neeson. They talk mostly about the future in the ad while using some more words that make reference to this new technology that is making its way into some Home Entertainment components. The minimalist G6 OLED TV design language is called “Picture In Glass” by the company, and that’s being referenced in the video as well. Micheal’s character is then taken inside the picture into a world that’s made with black glossy surfaces and some gold-colored lighting lines that seem reminiscent of the movie Tron, he keeps running away from some guys who want to stop an object that will change everything. He carries the object in a briefcase and it is constantly glowing with different colored specs of light.


All of these elements obviously reference to the OLED display technology, since every pixel illuminates individually, infinite contrast levels can be achieved and thus providing a more realistic and immersive picture quality. The powerful soundbar that doubles as a stand for the TV’s design is also referenced, and they even show the two positions for it in case users want to mount the TV on a wall. There will be a chance to win a few prizes for those who watch the ad during the Super Bowl and those who follow @LGUS on Twitter and use the hashtag #ManFromTheFuture.