LG Fires Another Shot At The Galaxy S7 On Twitter

LG G5 Poster Against Galaxy S7

LG and Samsung introduced their newest flagship offerings on Sunday as part of the MWC 2016. The LG G5 and the Galaxy S7 phones were some of the most anticipated devices from such event. Samsung’s new phones look quite similar to their respective predecessors but LG’s new flagship looks radically different to its predecessor (or any LG G phone, for that matter) as it features an aluminum unibody for the first time. A very interesting aspect of the LG G5 is that it is among the first phones to feature a modular design, so additional components can be attached to the bottom of the phone to provide additional functionality. Since this feature is quite unique, the company is not wasting any opportunity to show it off, particularly comparing it to the “regular-looking” Galaxy S7 phones.

LG flagship phones, including the G5, have always included a microSD card slot to expand the internal memory and since Samsung removed such feature from their flagships last year but decided to integrate it once again, so LG USA made fun of them by saying “Welcome back to team microSD” on their official Twitter account. Now, LG Jordan has shared a picture of the LG G5 that says “The real use of 7” from which the letter S and the number 7 are aligned vertically and colored differently, so it’s not hard to tell which phone they are comparing the LG G5. The message also contains the text “Think not what your phone can do, but what you can do with your phone”.


LG is referring to the 7 things they introduced on Sunday at their press conference, the two attachable modules that improve camera functionality and audio experience respectively, the playful robot called LG Rolling Bot, the LG 360 VR headset, the LG 360 Cam, the Tone Platinum Bluetooth headphones and the high-end H3 B&O earphones. The LG G5 shares some specs with the Galaxy S7 phones, so LG is dedicating the campaign for their phone to show how the overall experience can be quite fun while using all of these accessories and the features that can’t be found on the Galaxy S7. LG will probably release more promotional material highlighting their unique features while mocking Samsung for not including them on their new flagship phones.