LG Compares: LG G5 vs Samsung Galaxy S7

February 23, 2016 - Written By John Anon

Right now, the talk of the mobile town is certainly the latest handset from LG, the LG G5 and the latest handset from Samsung, the Galaxy S7. Both of these are likely to be significantly important smartphones in 2016 and certainly for their respective manufacturers. However, there are notable differences between the two. The Galaxy S7 looks to capitalize on the popularity of the Galaxy S6 design and the latest handset is one which is the product of a refining process. In stark contrast, the G5 is the sum of LG’s innovation over the last year and is a big departure from last year’s model in a number of ways. That said, with the two smartphones launching on the same day and being from rival manufacturers, you can expect quite a few comparisons to make their way online. Which is the better phone? Which should you buy? etc.

Well, a report emerged earlier today that LG is looking to increase their marketing spend this year in the hope of pushing the G5 into the hands of new buyers. A move which will likely need consumers to convert to the LG handset from other manufacturers and most probably, at the expense of the Galaxy S7. Since the two devices were unveiled, LG has taken to twitter a couple of times to fire friendly shots at Samsung and highlighting how innovative the G5 is in comparison to the S7. Now, it seems LG is looking to help consumers decide which of the two devices is the better one by doing their own comparison.

As you can see from the image above, the comparison focuses on seven specific features. LG does credit the Galaxy S7 with coming with an Always On Display and a microSD slot, although, it also credits its own phone with having those features too. Where LG looks to really separate the Galaxy handset from its own, is by pointing out that the Galaxy S7 lacks a modular design, lacks a removable battery, lacks a 16MP rear camera, lacks a 5.3-inch display and lacks a daylight mode. As you would expect, these are all features which you can find on the latest handset from LG. Interestingly and in the spirit of being unbiased, LG does credit the Samsung Galaxy S7 with being a smartphone which is water and dust-resistant, thanks to its IP68 rating. A feature, it marks itself down on.