Leaked Image Of The Sony "Xperia PP10"

Xperia PP10 evleaks

Right now with MWC about to take center stage, most eyes will be firmly fixed on the announcements which are due to come from Samsung and LG and in regards to their next-generation smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S7 (and S7 Edge) and the LG G5. However, there are a number of other smartphone manufacturers who will be announcing devices in the coming months. Manufacturers who are unlikely to be debuting anything too substantial for the smartphone world during MWC. HTC is a prime example as they are one of the companies who are expected to be announcing their next generation One M series device, the One M10, in the weeks following MWC. Then there’s Sony.

Sony had a turbulent time over the last year and especially more recently with the launch of their Sony Xperia Z5 smartphone. This was a device which raised immediate criticisms when it was announced and then again, in regards to how long it took to reach certain regions, like the U.S for instance. As such, many will be watching Sony to see what they have planned in 2016. While the rumors of what to expect from Sony Mobile are quite light at the moment, one device that might be worth watching out for is the Sony “Xperia PP10”.


The image above comes from routine tipster @evleaks and comes with the “Xperia PP10” moniker. However, it is worth noting that @evleaks does make it clear that it is currently unknown whether this is the actual name of the device or just the codename that is being used. As the face of the smartphones boasts a June 5 date, this would seem likely to be the time when the smartphone will be announced and therefore seems unlikely to be an MWC bound smartphone. Besides being an Xperia device, it is also unclear as to where this will fall within the market, although it does come with the same button placements as the Xperia Z5, with the volume rocker positioned quite low down on the right hand of the smartphone. For now and until further information comes through, the image is all there is to go on.