Latest Huawei P9 Leak Hints At 1080p Panel & Kirin 955 SoC

Huawei P8 AH 20

With a highly-successful 2015 now behind it, Chinese telecommunication equipment and consumer electronics giant, Huawei Technologies, is looking to keep up its momentum now that we’re well into the new year. With a view towards doing just that, the company has been launching mid-range smartphones like the Honor 5X and the Honor Holly 2 Plus in markets ranging from China to Europe and the US to India. However, even as its Honor-branded affordable handsets continue to earn new customers globally, the P-Series smartphones continue to remain Huawei’s premium lineup. The P8, launched back in April last year, is the current premium handset from the company, along with the Mate 8 phablet, which was launched late last year and comes with a giant 6-inch display.

Now, it isn’t exactly a secret that Huawei is planning to introduce its P9 flagship sooner rather than later, what with leaks regarding the device coming thick and fast in recent times. Latest rumors about the upcoming gadget now claim that it will have a 1080p display panel instead of a QHD one – something that can be found on an increasing number of premium handsets of late. While there’s no way to actually corroborate the claims, some other Chinese smartphone vendors, including Huawei’s biggest competition, Xiaomi Technology, are also looking to stick to the tried-and-tested 1080p panels for their 2016 flagships if rumors are to be believed. While Huawei is far from detailing the specs of its upcoming smartphone, earlier rumors have given us a few hints about what the P9 may be like.


The upcoming premium handset is expected to feature a 5.2-inch 1080p display panel and will be powered by the Kirin 955 chip from Huawei. The 64-bit octa-core CPU is expected to be clocked at a frequency of between 2.3 to 2.5 GHz, while 4 GB of RAM is what users will get as part of the package. Earlier rumors, meanwhile, had suggested a QHD screen as well as the Kirin 950 SoC, along with 6 GB of RAM in the Huawei P9. The device will apparently also carry a 12-megapixel primary camera and an 8-megapixel selfie cam. What’s interesting is that the latest leak also points at a number of model numbers for the upcoming handset – EAV-AL10, EAV-AL00, VNS-AL00 and VNS-CL00. There is however, no word on whether the different model numbers represent region and/or carrier-specific variants, of if the phone itself will come with different hardware configurations at different price points.