Kickstarter Reflects on 100,000 Funded Campaigns


Kickstarter has undeniably changed the way that thousands of new products hit the market, and now the nearly 7 year old firm is reflecting back on their first 100,000 funded campaigns. It's a pretty big milestone for the network, and one that has some interesting numbers attached to that larger number. Kickstarter announced the milestone over on their official blog, and have gone over some of the more interesting and in some cases, surprising, facts from these first 100,000 campaigns. We've come to know Kickstarter for the likes of the Pebble smartwatch, but smaller firms have also turned to the community to get their next project off of the ground, but there's much more to Kickstarter than just consumer products.

The 100,000th project to be funded was actually a photography project dubbed "Falklands/Malvinas: One War, all Wars" an ambitious project collecting photos as well as first-hand testimony from those involved in the conflicts. Some of the facts shared by Kickstarter detail that the 100,000 projects were created by 86,101 users, which suggests that the majority of people using Kickstarter either use it just once or perhaps to get their new business off the ground. This community also appears to be one that feeds itself somewhat, too as 70.58% of successfully funded projects go on to fund someone else's. Said community appears to very much be a global one, too as the average distance from a project to a backer is over 2,000 miles, and it's one that seems to be getting larger and larger all the time as 9,088,422 people funded these first 100,000 projects.


Crowdfunding is definitely something only the 21st Century could have given birth to, thanks to the Internet and the proliferation of social media. It's now easier than ever for a company to come out of nowhere and deliver a final product, such as the Nextbit Robin, which was successfully funded last year on Kickstarter, and is on its way to become a device that will rub shoulders with some of the biggest brands out there, like Samsung, LG and others. The whole post from Kickstarter is worth a read, and it's linked at the source below.

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