Keep Money In Your Pocket With New Money-Saving Bing Features

AH Bing 1

Bing for Android and iOS have some major new updates on the way that will provide you the information you need while staying connected with your apps that you use all the time. Bing has been updated to help you find and do stuff much faster and more efficiently. Microsoft has outlined the new updates into three different categories which consist of comparing prices on products, finding the cheapest nearby gas, and also finding the best deals available.

The newly refreshed Bing app aims to help you shop faster and in a much simpler fashion by utilizing a barcode scanner. The scanner will allow users to compare products from other retailers collecting data from online catalogs. To activate the barcode scanner you have two different options depending on which device you carry. If you are on Android all you have to do is long-press on the search icon then select the camera that shows up. On iPhone you can force touch the Bing app or if you use an older iPhone just click the Deals menu to access the camera.  Once you have scanned the barcode you will get instant results from retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target.


Driving around town shopping can be a pain in a butt and also a pain in your gas tank. Bing decided that to solve this issue they will integrate GasBuddy so you will be able to find the nearest gas station with the lowest prices. The information comes from Bing Local and to activate this feature all you have to do is simply search for “gas.” Once you have your tank filled up, you can continue on about your day and with a little help from the Bing app, you can find some great deals from the home of the Bing app. The app will automatically search for any deals around you and once Bing does, you can redeem it from whoever it’s providing the sale.  Bing’s newly added features are rolling out now on both Android and iOS devices. These new money saving tools we’ll surely keep more cash in your pocket and make purchasing products or just filling up your gas tank a little bit easier.