'Joule' Wearable Offers Even Levels Of A Caffeine Kick Daily

Most people likely start their day with a cup of coffee, and throughout the day they might have one or two more cups, or the may go the quick route and just have a triple or quadruple shot of espresso from the beginning so they get that instant jolt. The caffeine inside coffee generally helps most people feel alert and awake to keep them motivated and moving forward, but it can also cause people to crash and reach a sudden level of sluggishness. A new wearable that is currently on indiegogo and goes by the name of Joule is set up to deliver caffeine through the skin while also avoiding any possible crash.

You may be thinking, caffeine is caffeine, and whether you drink it or consume it in some other way that the results may be the same. According the Joule's creators, that isn't the case with the bracelet as it delivers even amounts of caffeine directly through the skin throughout the day via FDA-approved caffeine patches. The method for spreading the caffeine to your system is done through each applied patch which lasts about four hours, and is equal to a single cup of coffee. Joule states that by doing things this way the wearer is able to keep alert without feeling the negative effects of the caffeine high.

The wearable itself which is made from a silicone material is durable and also hypoallergenic as well as sweat-proof, so you can wear it during workouts or throughout the day for a comfortable fit. The patches are what actually delivers the caffeine and they carry an adhesive so they can be attached to the inside of the bracelet, and they're made with guarana extract. After the four hours from a patch is over, wearers can simply replace the used up patch with a fresh one to continue getting the energy from the transdermal caffeine delivery and continue going about their day feeling alert and energetic. The bracelet has one month left to go on indiegogo and starts at $29 which gets you the bracelet itself at 20% off what it's going to cost consumers once it hits the market, and that also comes with a 30-day supply of patches (30 patches total) to inert into the bracelet.

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