Image Of Another Xperia Phone Leaks ahead of Announcement

Sony Xperia Leak MWC 2016

Now that the Samsung Galaxy S7 phones and the LG G5 are officially announced, we can focus on everything else that MWC 2016 has to offer. One of the smartphone manufacturers that scheduled a press conference in the aforementioned event is Sony and we don’t quite know what to expect, because unlike those other phones, there haven’t been many leaks regarding any new products of the company. It might be too soon for Sony to introduce new flagship devices, as the Xperia Z5 lineup was announced about 5 months ago and those phones have been available in some markets (such as the U.S.) very recently.

A few hours ago, the first leaked image of a new phone from Sony got leaked, it is known as Xperia PP10. Now, the image of a second Xperia phone got leaked, courtesy of @evleaks, who actually shared the image of the first phone, as well. Unlike the first phone, the name of this device remains unknown, although some schematics and real-life photos of the phone that were previously leaked, suggested that it will be known as Xperia C6. The phone certainly looks like a successor to the Xperia C5 Ultra because the bezels from the sides of the screen are almost nonexistent. Yet, one of the main features of the C5 was its powerful front-facing camera with an LED flash, and the flash at the front of the new device is clearly missing, so it might not belong to the Xperia C series.


This phone features the typical design of Xperia devices with glass on its front and back and a frame surrounding the phone. The frame looks like it’s made from metal because there are plastic corners to improve its durability. The design looks more like Xperia handsets that got released before the Xperia Z5 lineup as the round power button doesn’t seem to integrate a fingerprint scanner and the volume rocker is placed closer to this button rather than the camera button. Some users might argue that the bottom bezel looks quite large as it remains unused. The phone will be launched running Sony’s customization of the Android operating system which will most certainly be based in Marshmallow, so it will be nice to see the changes that the company made on its UI. The press conference is scheduled for tomorrow, so more information will be available then.