HTC Vive Now Available for Pre-Order, Starting at $799

htc vive pre order

The HTC Vive is HTC’s virtual reality headset that they actually announced last year at Mobile World Congress in a partnership with Valve. It’s said to be one of the most complete VR experiences out there, rivaling its competitor Oculus and their Oculus Rift headset which is also available for pre-order (coming in at $699). The Vive has seen a few iterations since it was initially unveiled last year, including the latest Vive Pre being announced at CES in January which brings better controls as well as a camera on the front of the unit to keep you from hitting furniture or people around you.

On Sunday, HTC unveiled the international pricing for the Vive headset which came in at roughly â‚¬899 in most European countries. The headset will set you back $799 here in the US. HTC is expecting the pre-orders to begin shipping on or around April 5th. So just over a month away.


It’s important to keep in mind here that virtual reality, especially from a high-end headset like the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift, is going to need some pretty beefy hardware, on the computer its connected to. Oculus has a few bundles that will send you a PC along with your Oculus Rift headset. HTC is partnering with Valve here, so their Steam app will take you through what kind of experience you can expect from the hardware you have. And show you what hardware you may need to get an even better experience with the headset.

Those of you looking to pre-order the HTC Vive, all you need to do is head to their website at HTCVive.com and submit your order. You can also do it through the Steam app, since the Vive was made in a partnership with Valve. HTC is betting their future on the Vive and VR in general. We’ll have to see how popular the Vive becomes for the company. With all of the demos they’ve done across the country, and in Europe, it’s gotten some great responses about how good it really is. Now the question is how many will they sell. We should know soon enough.