HTC Teaser Shows Chamfered Edges and '#PowerOf10' Hashtag

htc power of 10

HTC’s One M10 was a no-show at Mobile World Congress this week. Just as we expected. HTC wasn’t planning on competing with LG and Samsung at Mobile World Congress, and that’s probably a good idea. However their One M10 is still slated to be coming out in the second quarter – rumors are pointing at a March event. HTC has actually begun teasing the HTC One M10 on Twitter already. Today, they posted a picture of a device, which all we can really see are the chamfered edges, and the hashtag #PowerOf10 included.

The teaser doesn’t tell us much. But the hashtag definitely points to the device being the One M10. The chamfered edges line up with the leak that we saw earlier this week, which had chamfered edges on the back of the device. HTC is well-known for the design of their smartphones, at least their high-end models, they were actually first with a fully aluminum smartphone in the HTC One M7. Which now has become a pretty popular trend in the mobile industry – just look at the newly announced LG G5.


While HTC has had a pretty rocky few years in the mobile space, they are hoping to knock it out of the park with the HTC One M10 that’s going to be announced soon. After the One M9 was announced last year, many were expecting a bit more of a design change with the device, but instead got some pretty minimal changes in terms of the design of the hardware. It looks like we may be in for some small changes, but that would make a pretty big deal. The chamfered edges should make for a good grip of the device, as well as making it feel comfortable in your hand.

HTC hasn’t yet made an announcement for an event to announce the One M10. If the event is indeed happening in March, then we should be getting some event invites pretty soon, seeing as we are less than a week from the start of March. With the Galaxy S7 coming out on March 11th and the LG G5 slated for April 1st, HTC has gotta do something soon, or miss out on all those looking to upgrade.