Google Store Now Selling Chromecast Audio RCA & Optical Cables


Last year, Google introduced an additional version of their popular streaming device, Chromecast. The new version was designed specifically for streaming music and as such, was called Chromecast Audio. Even its design emulates a vinyl record, so it can be easily recognized as the one which is audio-focused. This device plugs into a speaker and users can stream music using a Wi-Fi connection. It is compatible with Android smartphones and tablets as well as iOS devices or even desktop computers. Chromecast Audio offers more benefits than streaming music over a Bluetooth connection and it is also quite affordable. In addition to the music stored on a device, users can stream from such services as Google Play Music, Pandora, iHeartRadio and Rdio among others.

Chromecast Audio includes a 3.5 mm stereo cable, which supports a stereo analog audio signal and is designed to plug into ports from media players, portable speakers and other audio devices that make use of a physical connection. Another option for plugging Chromecast Audio into other devices, is to buy a 3.5 mm to RCA cable, which is typically more commonly used with older stereo systems, AV receivers, bookshelf systems and studio monitor speakers. This cable converts the analog stereo output from the device into a stereo connection over the two RCA plus. Finally, Mini-TOSLINK to TOSLINK (optical) cables can also be used to connect Chromecast Audio to some modern AV receivers, soundbars, high-end desktop speakers and studio monitor speakers that support digital audio.


These cables are very common, so they can be purchased pretty much from any electronics stores or online. Still, Google has released some official cables which are now available from the Google Store. These are cables that are designed specifically for their music streamer. The RCA Cable for Chromecast Audio and the Optical Cable for Chromecast Audio can be purchased starting today for $15 each. Both of these are 1-foot-long and they are colored in the same distinctive yellow as the 3.5 mm cable included in the box, which Google calls Lemonade. The cables are only available at the Google Store in the U.S., although it seems likely they will become available at the Google Store in other regions as well.

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