Google Play Music Subscriptions 50% Off When Gifted


Google Music started off as a sort of "digital locker" service, giving users the ability to upload their music libraries and then stream them using their smartphones no matter where they might be. Since then of course, the service has become Google Play Music and a genuine competitor to both iTunes and Spotify. Users can either purchase albums – with the ability to download and use wherever they want – or pay a subscription fee and get access to everything the Play Music library wherever and whenever. Now, those subscriptions are 50% off when given as a gift – including to yourself.

There are three tiers of subscriptions that you can gift to people, and we're sure Google is using Valentine's Day as an excuse for these deals, and all of them are 50%. That means 1 month will cost just $4.99, 3 months will cost $14.98 and 6 months of service will cost just $29.97. That last offer is a pretty big reduction and gives listeners six months of not having to pay another bill, which is pretty nice. It's unclear how long this deal is going to last, but we'd assume the deal will be good until next Monday, otherwise Google is playing a cruel joke on Valentine's Day weekend.


For Google, they're likely looking to get people hooked on the service and cash in once people start paying for the service each and every month, but it's a good deal nonetheless. With so many options out there, from the likes of Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify and even TIDAL it can be difficult to choose which one is the right service for you. For those that are looking for the vast majority of mainstream music, and a legitimate way to fill in the gaps by uploading your own music, Google Play Music will fit the bill nicely, and it's pretty good value even without the 50% off. Not to mention that this automatically offers users YouTube Red and access to exclusive content, and ad-free YouTube as well as the recently-launched YouTube Music app, too. All-in-all, not a bad deal from Google this Valentine's Day weekend.

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