Google Maps Adds Improvements To Timeline, Reviews & More

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Google Maps is one of the most powerful mapping services and the company is constantly updating the mobile app with new features to make it even more useful. Version 9.19 was released a few weeks ago, and it brought improvements such as a new Driving Mode which provides traffic updates and other relevant information based on the location history, as well as new audio controls. Now, the app is being updated to version 9.20 and while the changes are less noticeable this time around, they still improve the overall experience when using Google Maps.

If users allow Google Maps to track their location, all of the places they visit are stored in a database called Timeline. This information can be checked within the app at Your Timeline from the Menu on the left. In recent times, users have been able to confirm some of these places, make some corrections regarding inaccurate locations or delete a certain place where they stopped. Now, the updated version allows the user to manually add a place with details such as name and the time when they visited that location. The company has been trying to integrate business reviews to Google Maps as part of the Local Guides program, they are even offering certain perks for those who provide some missing details or make some corrections to the available information. With the updated app, users will be able to see some photos below each of the reviews, this can be quite useful to get a better idea of what to expect from a certain business and now its is more visible.


The new audio toggles introduced by the previous version made it easier to mute the voice guidance, you might want to do this in certain parts where you know your way around or before answering a phone call. The updated version of Google Maps has an additional toggle in the Navigation Setting menu to turn off voice navigation during voice calls, so now, users no longer have to do this manually. The update should be rolling out now from the Play Store, so be sure to check there if it is already available for your device.