Google Granted Patent For Real-Time Search Results Voting


Like Samsung, Google is one of those companies who are constantly reported filing patents. At the superficial level, the patents do not mean that much as filing a patent is some way away from an actual end product coming to market or being usable by consumers. However, at a deeper level, these patents do provide insight into how a company is thinking, what they might be planning and indeed, what future features, services or otherwise, might be in the works and on their way.

In Google's case, the latest of which is a patent that seems to have been granted this week and one which revolves around the ability to vote online. In particular, the patent seems to focus on the ability to vote directly from Google's Search results. This does prove to be an interesting feature and could easily be one Google is contemplating introducing. The patent images show the voting process in relation to game shows, with users able to vote for their favorites contestants. While this very well could be the point of the feature, Google has recently been keen to highlight the increase in their political coverage and especially with Google Search. As such, it does stand to reason that Google could be thinking of bringing in some sort of political voting system in time for the election. Of course, whether the results would have any standing or any real meaning in an actual election is another question entirely. However, being able to vote through search, albeit for the latest series of Survivor or an election could be a feature that is in the works.


Interestingly, towards the close of last year, comments made by Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, did imply that Google might open up the naming of Android N to a public vote. At the time, few details were providing on this or even whether Google was actually serious about a public voteĀ on Android N. However, this could just as easily be another use that Google might have been considering when filing this latest patent. Those interested can check out the voting patent in more detail, by heading through the source link below.

Goole voting search 04

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