Google Glass to Rise from Ashes at Hands of Tony Fadell?

Google Glass in the Field Head AH

Google Glass never really achieved mainstream success for a number of reasons. On the price front, the device sported a none-too-attractive $1,500 price tag. Bearing an always-on camera, Glass caused a mass controversy and wound up banned from a huge number of public places, including movie theaters. On top of that, concerns about hacking began to arise. Users who had signed up for the Explorer program or even been around since the pilot in order to be able to lay down $1,500 hard earned dollars for the device began to report some issues with it. There were some bright spots, such as a Glass-assisted surgery, but for all intents and purposes, the device had failed. Having never really caught on, Glass simply went quiet for a while. Many thought the project was dead, and the emergence of Project Aura seemed to confirm their suspicions.

After a while, Google began to confirm people’s suspicions in a more concrete fashion. Not too long ago, people began to notice the social media pages for the Google Glass project disappearing. Many dismissed it as page errors, with only some people seeing them as down at first, but it didn’t take long for the project to completely go dark on social media. Before long, the moonshot device was seemingly wiped from the web altogether, leaving a simple message on its website; “Thanks for exploring with us. The journey doesn’t end here.” From there, mostly all of the publicly available data from Google about Glass disappeared, leaving the project completely cold.

Enter Nest owner Tony Fadell. Having become a Googler in 2014 when they bought his brainchild, Fadell and his wealth of hardware expertise eventually found themselves in charge of Google Glass. The man behind the biggest smart thermostat out there was due to bring his extensive knowledge and hardware design chops to the failing project, which ended up having development shifted over to a new project, called Project Aura. Just recently, a new report finally arose, saying that Project Aura was in active development, headed up by Tony Fadell, and may be released at some point in 2016. There are rumors floating about that the new model may feature no display, but there has been nothing conclusive for the time being.