Google Gives Developers New Tools To Understand App Reviews


If you want to know if an app is any good, then one sure-fire way to get better insight is to check the reviews for the app on the Google Play Store. The benefit of the reviews on the Play Store is that they are multifaceted reviews. If you want a deeper insight, you can read through the pages of narrative describing the common problems or stand-out features. If the reviews help, you can thumbs up them and this in turn, helps others to know that this review was helpful. Just as easily, if you want a quick-fix method of knowing how good the app is, then check the overall score out of five that the app has accumulated so far. Of course, if you are a developer, then the app reviews also offer a direct means for you to find out what the user-base thinks of your app, its pitfalls and which features you should continue to develop. To try and give developers even more information from reviews, Google has today announced they have introduced a few new tools to the Android Developer Console dashboard.

The first of which and probably the most useful is that you can now check an overview of the timeline of reviews. More importantly, developers will be able to visually and quickly identify massive time fluctuations with reviews. For instance, if you release an update and the reviews suddenly spikes (or tanks), then you will a have better indication of how that update was received. Furthermore, the new feature provide the breakdown over weeks and months as well as days, so you can see even bigger fluctuations and trends that may be developing in reviews. Not to mention, ratings can be further broken down for easiest analysis by country, language, device, app version, or Android version.


In addition, the new dashboard also includes a more detailed approach to understanding your app's reviews. An example of this is now the developer will be identified of trends that are developing in reviews. If many people start saying similar sentiments, then this will rise to top of your review highlights. Likewise, developers will have the ability to search for specific keywords or phrases. So if you release an update with a new specific feature, you can use this search ability to provide direct feedback on that one keyword feature. In addition, the information on the dashboard will provide more technical information like the RAM, CPU or screen size of devices being used, a move which could prove beneficial when trying to identify what could be causing certain negative reviews or comments. Those interested in reading about the changes in more detail, can do so by heading through the source link below.

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