Google Forms Updated With Templates And Management Tools


Google Forms is a very useful tool to collect information from a group of people. It can be used for planning future events, manage registrations, collecting email addresses and even making pop quizzes, among other things. The platform supports many formats of questions including multiple choice and dropdown. Forms creators get the information from these documents in real time and in an organized fashion including charts. The software is optimized to work with screens of different sizes and back in September, Google updated it so that corporate logos, images or videos could be integrated and the new interface was meant to provide an overall better experience. Now, Google Forms is being updated once again, to improve those features and introduce some new ones.

You will now see an "Individual Responses" tab, so you can go through all of the responses given by each user. The scroll buttons will let you easily flip between submissions. New features to make Forms management more easily include the option to receive email notifications in real time once each of your forms gets answered. Those using Google Apps For Work will get a new screen where they can see all of the participants that received the Form and the response status for each of them, there's even an option to send an email reminder for those who have not answered yet. Other tools from the Google Docs suite have included Add-Ons to customize the experience, now, the Forms editor supports Add-Ons and Apps Scripts. This means that third-party tools like Form Publisher, Choice Eliminator and g(Math) for Forms can now be used within the editor to provide additional functionalities.


When users started a Form at, the editor would provide an empty canvas. Now, users will see a variety of templates to choose from to get them started. Users still get the chance to customize the color palette and change the main image if they want, but it's nice that they don't get to start from scratch now. These templates can be used in several scenarios such as customer feedback surveys, quizzes, job applications or event sign-ups.

Google Forms Templates

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