Google Drive For Mobile Now Lets You Manage Notification Sharing

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For some people, Google Drive is this all around source for creating documents for school or at work. As always, Google is updating Drive to work more efficiently and get simple task complete in a fashionable manner. In a recent update, Google Drive finally receives a feature that many users have been waiting on which is the ability to control sharing notifications on mobile. See, before Google added the ability for Drive apps to send notifications, you were alerted of any activity via email. Last November all of that changed when Google made it available for Drive apps to send push notifications. Once this feature became available, you didn’t have to go to your email anymore, all notifications came straight to your phone.

Control over your notifications became the next hump to climb over. Before when you wanted to mess around with the notification toggles, you would have to go to the internet version of Google Drive to control what notifications are sent. With the new update that rolls out today, users no longer have to do this because now you can access these settings in all of the Drive apps you have installed on your device. There is only one downside to the update and that is that fact that you are not given the ability to have notifications turned on for all apps while keeping one of them off. Once you are inside the app settings you have different toggles to choose from like your notification sound, vibration controls, and also what you want to be notified about.


Along with the changes made with the notifications in Google Drive, Google has also managed to update Google Sheets. This update was only available for the web version of Google Sheets but will now make its way to the Android app. The new update that has been brought to the table allows users to name a range of cells so users can keep better track of what’s going on. Naming ranges will also help with being able to find them later and will also make creating formulas easier. People who use Google Sheets on the Web can now enjoy this feature on the go wit the Android app. All of these updates are making the way to devices right now so be on the lookout.