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Some of our readers may be familiar with Foursquare, a social discovery app of sorts that shows you things to do, places to grab a bite and other local elements. They also offer users the option to order delivery for food and alcohol in certain areas. In the past, they've integrated with Seamless and DeliveryHero for delivery through the Foursquare app, allowing users to order food from local eateries in their service areas from right within the app. According to an announcement made today on Foursquare's blog, the newest such partner is The integration was made possible by e-commerce firm Button, who handles the backend for the actual transaction. In the 38 cities that services, Foursquare users will now be able to find a local joint, read reviews and decide, then be directed to the place's listing in the app to actually place the order.

This move may help Foursquare to compete with local reviews app Yelp, who offers food delivery services with Eat24. Yelp has historically been more popular than Foursquare, to the point of leaving bad reviews on Yelp becoming a legitimate customer threat and a social meme of sorts, but Foursquare seems ready to bounce back. This also comes on the heels of a $45 million funding round and the promotion of a new CEO, Jeff Glueck, indicating this could be the start of a pattern. With capital to play with, Foursquare could start integrating with and even outright buying smaller local services to enable more features in more areas, though nothing of the sort has been officially announced at this point.


Foursquare's newest move adds some new services and markets to their growing list of delivery options for users as they look to expand into a consummate local guide app for applicable areas. David Ban, their director of business development, made their goal clear by saying, "At Foursquare, we're obsessed with providing the best experiences for our users, so we like working with Button to fast-track new features,". Foursquare's already considerable service area and delivery area rosters are set to increase as those of their partners does, bringing Foursquare service to new sets of users and expanding the service's capabilities in areas that it already serves.

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