Flyme OS Update Now Available For Meizu MX5 & PRO 5

Flyme 5.1.3 update 1

Meizu has managed to grow quite a bit last year. The company has managed to ship out 20 million devices, which is significantly more than they sold a year before (4.4 million). This China-based company is growing quite fast, and for a good reason, their devices are not only quite affordable, but offer high-quality build, and a compelling software. Speaking of which, first Flyme 5 (Meizu’s skin) build has rolled out to Meizu MX5 and Meizu PRO 5 at the beginning of last month, and the company has just released yet another new build of the OS, read on.

The Flyme OS build is now available for the Meizu MX5 and PRO 5. This update brings along quite a few improvements, even though it won’t exactly alter the look of the layout like the first Flyme 5 build did. Meizu did improve a lot of things with this build, and they’ve also removed the Flyme Account from it (considering this is a global version of the OS). The company has improved Wi-Fi connection stability, while they’ve also fixed quite a few bugs related to this. Messaging has been improved as well, as Meizu squashed some bugs here and there, while the lockscreen and the notification bar have been optimized as well. Some layout fixes have been introduced, and also various bugs have been dealt with when Security, File Explorer and Music apps are concerned. The changelog is more or less identical on both devices, and keep in mind that the updates are quite big, so make sure you’re hooked up to WI-Fi before you download them. The Meizu MX5 update is 807MB, while you’ll have to download 777MB in order to upgrade your Meizu PRO 5. If you’d like to download either of these updates, follow the source link down below.


The Meizu MX5 and PRO 5 are Meizu’s most powerful devices to date. Both of these phones were introduced last year, and both are made out of metal and resemble each other quite a bit. The Meizu PRO 5 is a bit bigger, and it is fueled by one of the most powerful SoCs out there, the Exynos 7420. The MX5 is powered by the Helio X10, and features 3GB of RAM, while the PRO 5 comes in both 3 and 4GB flavors. Both phones sport a 21-megapixel shooter on the back, and fullHD AMOLED displays, though the PRO 5’s is a big bigger, it measures 5.7-inches compared to MX5’s 5.5-inch display.