Featured Review: Cover-Up #WoodBack Case for Google Nexus 6P

When it comes to protecting your smartphone, there are all types of choices available. You can go with a thin case that adds some grip, or you can get a rugged one if you're a bit clumsy, but with Cover-Up you can get a wood backed case that is made from hand-crafted wood. That's exactly what we are taking a look at today. Cover-Up's #WoodBack cases for the Google Nexus 6P. Cover-Up was kind enough to send over the Carpathian Elm Burl and the Gold Lightning Bolt models for us to take a look at on our Nexus 6P. Both of which are available - along with a ton more - on their website now for $24  and $29 respectively. Relatively similar in pricing to any other case. So does it live up to the hype? Let's find out.

Cover-Up isn't a new company, really. They've been around since 2009 when they made their first cover for the Amazon Kindle. Since then they have created cases for over 100 other devices including tablets, smartphones, e-readers and even some laptops. They are based in the UK. Cover-Up provides something different, when compared to its competitors, and that's a case that won't look the same no matter how many other people have the same case. That's just how wood works, and that's what's so fantastic about it.

These two #WoodBack cases for the Nexus 6P are pretty standard. The case itself is made of plastic with cut outs on the top and bottom for the USB Type-C port and headphone jack. On the back you have your slab of wood on the case, which also has a cut out for the camera module, microphone and fingerprint sensor. Just as the name of the case suggests, the back of the case is covered in wood, but the edges and sides are not. Cover-Up does not have a cut out for the power button or volume rocker, and I kind of wish that they did. It's sometimes difficult to press the buttons and sometimes if I'm not paying attention, I may end up raising the volume instead of powering off the screen. However, unlike the case Google made for the Nexus 6P, taking screenshots with the #WoodBack case installed is as easy as can be.

The left and right sides do have a bit of texture, making it easy to hold onto the phone and not drop it, because we've all been there. The cut outs on the back for the fingerprint sensor, microphone hole and camera all have plastic around it. That's especially nice for the fingerprint sensor as you don't want to go to unlock your phone and accidentally get a splinter. This way that is avoided, and still looks pretty nice as well. The cut out is also slightly larger than the fingerprint sensor, making it easy to still use the sensor. The camera cut out does have enough space for the laser auto-focus and dual flash to work. NFC and Bluetooth do still work without any issues. When it comes to the USB Type-C port and the headphone port, those both also work as they should with the case on.

The way the #WoodBack looks on the Nexus 6P is amazing. I think I like the Carpathian Elm Burl better on the Nexus 6P, but both look outstanding. And with it being made of wood, it means that the wood will age naturally, and you won't have to do anything with the case, really. Cover-Up also uses a special finish on their #WoodBack cases that protect against stains. So should you spill anything on the case, it won't stain the wood. It'll continue to look fresh. The #WoodBack case feels nice in the hand, as it appears that Cover-Up have sanded down the back of the #WoodBack case, as they should. The black sides of the case look pretty nice as well with the rest of the case. While I would have loved to have the entire case made of wood, I think this is still a great way to make a wood case, and really make it stand out.

As far as thickness goes, the #WoodBack does add a bit of thickness to the Nexus 6P. It's not your typical TPU case that you'll find on Amazon. It's a bit thick, but it's nothing to worry about. I do notice a difference with the case on, but not enough to bother me. The #WoodBack case also provides a lip over the display, this is great because when you drop your phone, the display will be protected by that lip, as the display won't actually hit the ground. Again, a big reason why many people buy cases for their smartphones.

I've been using the Cover-Up case for the Nexus 6P for a little over a week now, and actually really like the case. It does two things for you, it protects your smartphone - in this case the Nexus 6P - and also makes it look stunning with the wood back. Some of the other models available include Blackened Ash, Padauk, Purpleheart, Gold Lightning Bolt, Cherry, Cedar, Black Limba, Mahogany, Walnut, Treble Clef, Black Lightning Bolt, Bamboo and Maple. The majority of these are available for $24, while a few are priced at $29 like the Treble Clef and the Lightning Bolt models. Shipping is nice and quick too, ours got here in about 2-3 days from the UK, which is a pretty decent speed when you think about it for free shipping. I'd definitely recommend this case to anyone looking for a case that's a bit different than the other thousand that are already available for the Nexus 6P and other smartphones. Everything here is still easy to access, and it looks fantastic on your device.

Cover-Up is sort of like a hybrid of a skin from Toast mixed with a regular case that you would get from any other manufacturer. It brings some class to your device, without having to install a skin (which may start peeling in a few weeks) and if you don't like it, you can quickly switch it out for another device. Cover-Up does also make skins, but there aren't any available for the Nexus 6P just yet, that may change in the future.

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