Fandango's Network Just Got Bigger With New Acquisitions

AH Fandango 2

Fandango is about to get better with two new acquisitions under its belt. Flixster and Rotten Tomatoes are set to be acquired by Fandango, which if you don’t know is a movie ticket purchasing service. As part of the deal, Warner Bros will take a minority stake so they can serve as a strategic partner. The acquisition that Fandango has made will not only amplify their audience but brings some new features to their table which enlarges their network of movie and TV-related entertainment. According to Fandango’s President Paul Yanover, with Flixster and Rotten Tomatoes, they will be able to tap into a huge entertainment audience using new strategic marketing. In addition, they will also be able to offer ticket solutions from its own original content or home based line of entertainment products.

Now we know what Fandango has for a much newer and expanded network, but what exactly are they bringing to the company that will help it grow? Well to start, Rotten Tomatoes is considered to be an industry standard movie rating service due to its “Tomatometer.” How far does this industry standard go? Well, movie executives will go crazy if they see a film receive low scores. Having the Tomatometer housed at the Fandango camp will serve them well since they hold the hair pulling movie score tool. Flixster on the other hands brings a different set of capabilities with it. Flixster serves as a website and also a mobile app that helps people discover movies. Now only can you find movies but Flixster provides users with detailed informations such as the film’s audience, ratings, and also reviews which are powered by the Tomatometer. Having all of this intertwined with Fandango builds the company up to a much more superior entertainment network that provides more to the user but all in one place.


Having a combination of 3 different services provides users with a wealth of information. Just look at it like this, before you were being offered one service that did one thing and that was give you the option to buy movie tickets. Now, not only can you buy a movie ticket, but you can read detailed information about the movie and even see how the Tomatometer rates the film.