Fallout Shelter Update Brings Parrots, Crafting, & Haircuts


Whether you're a Bethesda Softworks fan, a mobile gamer with time to kill or just keep up with gaming or mobile tech, you're probably already familiar with Bethesda's hit mobile game Fallout Shelter. The massively addicting and massively popular game has already garnered over a million downloads on Google Play alone, with the iOS version posting similar numbers. Players have had to deal with a few missing features in the past, leading to large collective sighs of relief when they're finally implemented, such as cloud saving. The game's newest update, bringing it to version 1.4, may not elicit that kind of reaction, but it does add a few features that are welcome in just about any game, especially one as detailed and intricate as Fallout Shelter.

The first of the new features found in the update is crafting. Players will be able to fashion "useless junk" into items that their dwellers can make use of, including weapons and armor, with the use of specific rooms. To that end, the game's microtransactions, lunchboxes, now contain a bonus card, being junk. Bethesda clarifies on their official page that the junk is more useful than it sounds, which likely means it will be used for crafting. Junk may also find its way into your vault in the sack of somebody who's coming back from the wasteland. Dwellers can also be customized via a special room, the barber shop. Outfits and weapons from Fallout 4 are finally making their way into the game with this update and can be found in lunchboxes or out in the wastes. The update has also added more types of pets. New breeds of dog and cat are available, but players who favor birds are now well taken care of with the addition of parrots. Rounding on the feature set, you'll find that the time of day in the real world is accurately reflected in the game's scenery.


The newest update adds a degree of customization and realism that helps an already deep and addictive game to become even more so. Given the nature of the game, these updates' obvious secondary purpose is to drive in-app purchases, of course. Mind you, this is a game where somebody can, if they're determined and lucky enough, score all the same gear and items that paying users may have. That said, hit up the source link to view the full rundown of the update. It has yet to roll out, however, so don't bother rushing to the Play Store or the App Store if you like what you've read. No timeline was given, but the update should be ready soon, since a screenshot showing off the new features is shown with the announcement.

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