Experience Real-Time PvP Shooting Action In Hero Forces

February 11, 2016 - Written By Justin Diaz

Shooter games can be some of the most exciting and enjoyable and with the advancements in mobile processing power and graphics, there is now quite a few choices when it comes to shooters. A lot of the FPS and TPS titles are not just about multiplayer combat, as most also include a storyline and campaign mode that they focus more heavily on. Enter Hero Forces, a new third-person shooter that is mostly about the multiplayer experience and letting you compete against other players for victory and dominance. If multiplayer is your thing and heated fast-paced matches are what you’re looking for, then Hero Forces just might be what you need.

As a real-time shooting game, Hero Forces boasts that you can find a quick match in just seconds after searching and go head to head against live opponents. This makes it easy to pick up the game and play it even if you only have 5-10 minutes to spare. Matches themselves don’t last too long either so if you’re really pressed for time you can log in, search for a quick match and be done with it before you need to stop. In addition to quick matches with other players in a team deathmatch style of play, you can enter into a Co-op mode as well and take down zombies with a partner using sniper rifles. This should lend itself well to anyone who enjoys a somewhat more relaxed shooter than the fast paced action of multiplayer with other gamers.

Hero Forces also boasts easy to use touchscreen controls so players can become familiar with the game as quickly as possible, and if you prefer to play games by yourself, Hero Forces will allow you to do that too as it does actually include a campaign mode for you to play through. There is also a survival mode with wave after wave of combat that you’ll need to fend off to see how long you can last. Hero Forces also employs a number of customization options for those who like to personmalize their loadouts and the look of their weapons. If this sounds like a game you would play, you can pick up Hero Forces from the Play Store.