Dog & Bone Announce Splash Case For Samsung Galaxy S7


As with the build-up to the release of any popular flagship device, cases for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and its Edge variant are popping up left and right. Players like Incipio and Otterbox have already made their reveals, and next to do so is Dog & Bone, a company who have been making high-end protective cases since the days of the Galaxy S4. Dog & Bone made their announcement today, outing one protective case for the Galaxy S7 only, with no word on whether there will be an Edge-specific case anytime soon. The case, which is a hard plastic affair and which is resistant to drops and encounters with water, is called Splash.

The new Splash Case is certified MILSTD810G for drops and shock protection, supposedly able to endure drops of up to 6.6 feet with no issue. The body is made of a hybrid plastic bumper for shock protection around the outsides, as well as the hardest possible tempered glass on the front and back, rated 9H. The Splash Case comes in varieties sporting black, pink, purple and orange bumpers, with clear glass on the front and back. Unlike most cases of this nature, full access to all of the phone's various controls and ports is on offer here. The tough case is not available yet and no date has been announced, but you can sign up for availability alerts. The case will retail for $44.95 on release.


The Splash Case mirrors the tough cases on offer for other phones from Dog & Bone. At only 10 millimeters thick, the case is built to offer the best protection possible without completely compromising the form factor of the device as some of the more protective cases out there might. As for cases that aim to protect while being fairly slim, Dog & Bone Co-Founder Maria Ranchod took aim at them, saying that they tend to be "style pieces which offer little to no protection." She went on to say that Dog & Bone set out to give their newest case "a stylish design aesthetic without adding the extra bulk typically seen with shockproof cases, barely altering the slim form of the Galaxy S7."


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