DisplayMate Crowns Galaxy S7/S7 Edge With Best Performing Display


Samsung has consistently made great mobile displays. Their Galaxy Note 5 flagship has sat at the top of the display heap since its release. In fact, the fairly consistent delivery of quality displays has been a major selling feature for Samsung phones for some time now, since Samsung manufactures their own Super AMOLED displays in-house and has done so since the original Galaxy S. On top of top performance and quality, the displays tend to be power-sipping in comparison to traditional LCD displays, since AMOLED technology allows black to be displayed by simply turning off the pixels in question and their backlights. With the focus of the Galaxy Note 5 being on productivity and screen experience, it's no surprise seeing it as king of the mountain. As of now though, it's been dethroned by the newly announced Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge.

According to a new analysis from DisplayMate, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, Samsung's newly announced sibling flagships, are the bearers of the absolute best mobile display out there. On the Galaxy S7, the display's size and resolution are unchanged from the S6, being a 5.1 inch panel with a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. This results in a pretty staggering 577 pixels per inch. On the S7 Edge, a similar display is on board, but with a slightly bigger size of 5.5 inches, resulting in 535 pixels per inch. While this doesn't quite match up to its smaller brethren, it's still an incredibly impressive figure and more than enough to not see any pixels in daily use, as well as provide exquisite detail in VR applications.


When put through DisplayMate's comprehensive test, dubbed the Mobile Display Technology Shoot-Out, the two phones came out on top overall. A maximum brightness 24 percent higher than that of the Galaxy S6 is there to ensure superior usability in outdoor situations. Color reproduction ratings were literally record-breaking for smartphone displays, as were viewing angles. The contrast ratio was literally infinite. To top all of this off, the display was also rated as being fairly feature-rich. It can be used with polarized sunglasses, for starters. Color management and automatic brightness were also best in class. Brightness and contrast in high ambient light, such as bright incandescent bulbs or direct sunlight received the best ratings of any smartphone to date. The always on display feature helped round out an otherwise phenomenal display, earning it the crown. For more details and to see the full shoot-out testing gauntlet, head through the source link.

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