Direct In-App Flight Booking Comes To Hopper In New Update

February 1, 2016 - Written By Justin Diaz


Traveling can be an expensive hobby, or perhaps it’s not a hobby but simply a fact of life for you if you need to travel for your job. Whatever the case may be, saving money on flights can help traveling be, well.. less expensive than it is. A number of apps and services on Android can help you do this and one of those is an app called Hopper, and just recently it’s gotten an update from the developers which introduces some extremely useful features and changes that make for an overall much-improved user experience for both new and existing users of the app.

Unlike other apps and services like Priceline or Kayak which attempt to save you money on flights as well as hotels, Hopper is solely focused on predicting the best prices for you on flights and flights alone. It’s this focus that makes it an app well worth checking out if you’re someone who travels more than once or twice a year, and it just got better with the recent update as Hopper now lets you book flights directly from within the application. Aside from booking within the app instead of being directed to the associated site, the booking process itself has been simplified as users only need to initiate a few quick taps and a swipe to complete the booking.

Tapping to pick flights and add other travelers, followed by a swipe to pay is all it takes to finish booking a trip. Hopper has also made checking out faster as users can store their payment info within the app after creating a Hopper account, so there’s no need to continuously enter that information every time you book a flight. While that’s pretty much it for new additions and changes to Hopper, the development team mentions that one-way flights are on the way so users who are needing to book those will be able to use Hopper to do so in the near future. Hopper is free to use and is available in the Play Store, and the update should already be live. If you’re interested in giving it a shot, you can grab it from the link below.