DeeMe Messenger Becomes More Social With New Update

February 5, 2016 - Written By Dominik Bosnjak

If WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, Skype, Snapchat, and a dozen of other popular messaging apps aren’t enough for you or constrain your artistic vision of how instant messaging (IM) should look like, you may want to check out DeeMe, another mobile IM solution which combines traditional messaging with… well, a ton of stickers and image editing options. It’s not a social network per se, but its newly included group chats can get so big that it’ll be hard to tell the difference between DeeMe and something like Instagram, at least purpose-wise.

In any case, DeeMe recently received a huge update which adds a lot of new features to the core functionality of the app. The latest 2.0.4. version includes group chats, the so-called Broadcast ability to send group messages to all of your friends at once, the option to start chats on top of a published image, hundreds of new stickers, several additional fonts, and some new image filters. New DeeMe also comes with a “Famous mode” button designed for the most creative artists with a lot of followers which enables them to edit their images in a manner.

DeeMe was released last spring and despite entering the overcrowded market of instant messaging apps, it’s doing alright ever since, at least if the Google Play numbers which claim it already has up to half a million of downloads on Android alone are to be believed. While we can only guess its global install base, the Norwegian studio which developed DeeMe confirmed that after three months on the market it had over 130,000 users in Norway, Denmark, and Lithuania. Around that time, even Facebook invested half a million of Norwegian kroner, i.e. about $75.000 into DeeMe. As for how it generates revenue, one can guess its business model isn’t that different than the one its competitors use for IM revenue generation. Again, the fact that DeeMe got a lot more social definitely isn’t a bad thing for this messaging app. If anything, its current version fits more with its creators’ vision which entails creating an app that’s “better at telling stories worth telling” than any of the previous ones.